Lining Up for Powerball

Why are so many people buying Powerball tickets?

     The Powerball Lottery has reached $500,000.00.   By the time the drawing occurs, it will be above that amount.   Taxes will take a significant chunk, but it will still be a huge amount of money for the individual who wins.  People are lining up to have a chance at fortune.   As I looked at those waiting to purchase their chance, I realized why so many want an opportunity to become a millionaire.  Most likely it is not the reason promoted by the media.   It is much more basic than simply wanting the good life.

     I went food shopping early Monday morning.   Being that it was after the Thank giving weekend, and I live in a small town, the store was quiet.  I don’t buy lottery tickets on a regular basis, but when the jackpot rises to a large amount, I buy one chance.   I get a quick pick since my odds of winning are not any better if I pick the numbers myself.  The supermarket sold the tickets, so I was able to make my purchase without waiting in a line.  That is not the case in the rural areas I have seen on the news.  People are waiting in lines that stretch for miles to get their Powerball tickets.  Why are so many willing to wait and wait and wait?  They are all hoping for a better life.

     I don’t think most of the people purchasing the tickets want to be among the rich and famous.  Most are just hoping for a chance of being able to live comfortably and worry free.   They want to have their housing, food, and bills paid every month.  They want to be able to send their kids to college without going into major debt.  They want to wake up every day reassured that they will not have to worry about if their job is going to be eliminated, if they will have the means to meet their financial responsibilities, and if they can either pay the mortgage or the rent.

     I have seen many senior citizens waiting in line.   Many are probably living on a fixed budget.  I imagine that they are hoping to make enough to pay for housing, food, and expensive medications.  There are some who have probably had a hard life.  Winning the lottery would give them peace of mind in their last years.  They would like to provide for their children and grandchildren so that future generations would have a better life.

     I bought a ticket because I know there are people I could help.  Sure, I would put aside money for my kids and my old age, but so much good could also be done.   We are living in hard economic times.  Winning Powerball would change some lives forever.  It gives everyone hope that the future can be brighter if just given a chance.  Hopefully the person who has the winning ticket handles their new-found fortune well, and takes the opportunity to enhance the lives of many others.



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