ATM Fees, Banking Prices at All-Time High

Accessing your money has never been more expensive, says one report.

ATM fees and the other charges that financial institutions levy are the highest they’ve ever been, according to the 2012 Checking Survey by Bankrate.

Withdrawing from an out-of-network ATM will set you back an average of $4.07, and various other fees also keep rising by 25 percent or more, according to the financial services company. Now, only 39 percent of banks offer free checking - down from 76 percent in 2009.

The reason behind the rise, according to one analyst cited in the report, is federal legislation that limited the price of overdraft fees that banks can charge.

Bankrate also looked into the cities with the highest ATM fees in the nation. The New York metro area was tied in second with Seattle. Denver was the most expensive. 

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Rob September 26, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Can you spell O-B-S-C-E-N-E? Not only do we get nothing in interest for the privilege of allowing the banks to use OUR money to make themselves MORE money; they continue to manipulate an inherently corrupt / flawed system that mandates much more scrutiny & regulation. These crooks are seemingly working in a vacuum and evidently can't be touched - they are the root cause of why this economy is in a shambles - and our elected officials BAILED THEM OUT NO LESS! And us little guys, as business usual, continue to pay the price. What's wrong with this picture? Coming up to my 2 year anniversary of unemployment... can you say B-I-T-T-E-R? 'Nuf said...


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