CT Gas Prices Up 24 Cents in a Month

The price per gallon keeps rising in Connecticut and throughout the rest of the country.

Gas prices in Connecticut spiked to $3.87 in the past month and seven cents in a week, according to price tracking website ConnecticutGasPrices.com.

Despite the rising price of gas, a gallon is down from the $4 high of a year ago. Nationally, the price averages $3.61.

“Watching the national average last week, one might have expected war broke out in the Middle East or a major hurricane shutting down production, neither of which happened,” said Patrick DeHaan, an analyst at GasBuddy.com, the parent company of ConnecticutGasPrices.com. “The scary thought is what may happen to gasoline prices should one of the two actually take place.”

However, he said that prices should go down barring any disasters.

“The good news for motorists is that the end of the summer driving season and change to winter-spec fuel is in view, which will likely put downward pressure on gasoline prices,” DeHaan said.

To view the lowest gas prices in the Southbury area, check the Patch commute section.

Walter August 06, 2012 at 02:49 PM
How is this working for you? Remember the "pain at the pump" in the news when it was a different administration? Keystone Pipeline? American oil and American jobs ok with you? whats going on in NorthDakota? America prospers without federal government current policies. Without change in November there will be less hope .
See the truth August 08, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Yeah, vote Romney and pay 10 dollars a gallon.


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