Interim Agreement Reached at Southbury Travel Center

Agreement will resume bus line service throughout the summer.

Peter Pan Bus Company and the Southbury Travel Center have announced that they have reached an interim agreement that will include resuming bus lines service between Hartford and New York City at the Southbury Travel Center.

The interim agreement begins with the summer schedule on June 25 and will last through the summer when the winter schedule resumes on September 15. Efforts are underway to develop a permanent agreement that satisfies both businesses.

Both Peter Pan and the Southbury Travel Center met with Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson on June 7 to review the mutual concerns surrounding an agreement.

“I appreciated their willingness to listen to my concerns about the current situation where buses use the Exit 14 Park and Ride,” said Edelson. “This presents a traffic safety issue for many residents. Based on the many letters and phone calls I received, it was a major inconvenience to residents of Southbury.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, the two private businesses agreed to meet separately to try to come to an interim agreement. On June 14 the two parties met and were able to come to the interim agreement, according to Edelson.

“I recognize that both businesses are under pressure”, he said. “Peter Pan has seen a major change in its overall competitive environment and at the same time, declining ridership out of Southbury for a number of years. The Southbury Travel Center needs to identify more revenue streams to support a self-sustaining travel center.”

Edelson said he looks forward to working with the Southbury Travel Center to help identify and encourage new ideas that can support and enhance the business.

“This week, I attended the Governor’s conference on Public-Private Partnerships where a number of innovative ways were highlighted to encourage the best features of the private sector in support of the needs of the public sector. I look forward to trying to apply some of these ideas in Southbury and at the Travel Center.”


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