CL&P: Outside Linemen Expected to Top 2,000 by Saturday

Power is still out for 165,000 customers as of Friday morning.

As CL&P seeks to improve on its much-criticized performance after Tropical Storm Irene and last October's devastating snowstorm, the utility is bringing in many more outside linemen to help in the restoration process than it did in those prior events.

Utility vice president Willliam Quinlan said at a briefing on Friday morning that 1,500 linemen had already been added to CL&Ps contingent of 400. By Saturday, he said, there should be about 2,100 additional linemen working to restore power to the many thousands that remain without it.

With central and northern Connecticut substantially restored, resources are now being concentrated in the Southwest and Southeast corner of the state, he said, particularly the Southwest, where "thousands upon thousands of trees are down."

Quinlan said he was on a conference call with President Barack Obama on Thursday and that the president identified New York, New Jersey, West Virginia and Connecticut as the states hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Quinlan also said CL&P's parents company, Northeast Utilities, was helping to provide management teams and linemen from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. CL&P has also called on 100 retirees to help with the restoration. The projection of getting power restored to 98 percent of customers is still "Monday or Tuesday."

"I do want to reiterate something I've been saying consistently," he said. "These are our best estimates. They are not guarantees. ... But we're doing everything to sustain the momentum we have built so far."

nancy clark November 02, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Why are you serving as a propaganda tool for CL&P? Your coverage is pathetic. Have you ever heard the term, reporting? Do you know what it means? You do a little work on a story, rather than just write down what the authorities say. Apparently, this information has not reached you yet. If it had, you would perhaps comment on the fact that CL&P'S RESPONSE TO THIS STORM IS PRECISELY AS BAD AS IT WAS A YEAR AGO, IF NOT WORSE, AFTER THEY SAID THEY WERE 'READY' FOR IT THIS TIME. WE WILL BE WITHOUT POWER FOR A WEEK, JUST LIKE LAST TIME. ARE YOU INCAPABLE OF SEEING THIS?
See the truth November 03, 2012 at 02:04 PM
No doubt, cl&p is not doing anything better than last time and they need to be accountable for this. I'm going to call channel 8 but haven't found their number for this type of complaint.
Webster November 03, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Nancy, you couldn't be more right ! The Patch's reporting is beyond pathetic basically serving a a mouthpiece for this disgrace. CL and P's PROMISED 2000 out of state linemen with "boots on the ground" by Sunday October 28th. Next thing we know, CL and P is stating on Monday during the storm that they have 1060- nearly 50 % less. Why ?? Because it would have cost CL ad P twice as much to have the correct amount of man and women power from out of state to get the power on in a reasonable amount of time. Again, it boils down to CL and P cutting corners in order to not spend what it takes from their gazillions in profits to properly serve their customer base. I hope when this is over, that the Governor and CT Legislature fine CL and P massively eating into their enormous profits and distribute those monies to those families who have had to endure the ridiculous amounts of time to get their power back.
Gary Diamond November 03, 2012 at 05:20 PM
When is are state going to change some laws to force CL&P to do their job correct, I wish they would force them to cut every tree within 50 feet of a electric wires, even if it's only a branch. And if the person, who owns the tree protests, then let them keep their tree, as long as they sign a contract to pay for all the damage, when it falls down. I have been trying to get CL&P to remove two trees for months and they won't even come out to look at the trees, one is growing all over the wires, and the other a 175 foot tree is leaning over to the other side of the street, and the bottom of the giant oak is rotten. CL&P is playing a gambling game, but it's either climate change or bad luck, but "we" have to pay the price, and I feel nothing is going to happen until CL&P get's a huge fine like to the tune of 500 million for their screw ups, this will never happen until our CT. congress changes some laws, with real teeth in them to take on CL&P. AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS att&t DOES NOT HAVE TO TRIM ANY BRANCHES FROM THE PHONE WIRES AND THAT IS THE LAW!!! I guess money buys off our state. It is now the job of our local towns to maintain phone lines tree work. Sounds crazy but it's the law now!!!
See the truth November 03, 2012 at 05:58 PM
All true. I have a tree that was growing through the wires. When the contractor came by for the big trim a few summers ago, he said that whole thing has to go. When they actually showed up to do the work, he said I'll trim it a little as I can't waste my resources taking down the whole tree. Now the tree is dead and a few weeks ago it dropped a limb and knocked the wire down so that it shorted out the pole and the pole was burning. Nice job guys, glad my kids were not around to get zapped by that pole at bus time. CL and P is a joke and the CEO should go to jail. When asked to come look at the tree guess who never showed up?
Angela Tosti Flynn November 03, 2012 at 08:40 PM
I know this was a big storm and some people have been severly impacted. However, if you just zero in locally, not much has changed since last year when I was out for 9 days. They said they sent out assessors. Well, on day 6, the "assessor" took a look at my meter. Only about 8 of us were out in our area. Ten minutes later a crew came by and flipped a breaker. Not a very efficient way to get people back on. The town needs to provide more for people without power. They got lucky that it wasn't as cold as last year. Overnight shelters need to be set up and readily available without people having to make phone calls. I can handle it but I worry about the elderly and those with babies.
ConcernedResident November 03, 2012 at 08:48 PM
We remain without power. CL&P told me they have 145 (ONLY) lineman covering an 8 town area. We are not expected to get power until midnight Monday. This company is a total joke.
Gary Diamond November 03, 2012 at 10:04 PM
What was the Ice Storm of 1973 like? AND CAN IT HAPPEN AGAIN HERE? http://www.courant.com/entertainment/hc-winter-storm121673,0,794677.story I just bought my house in Southbury, and we didn't lose power, but i bet we would have now if it happened again, because of the poor trees work since 1985


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