Groups Advocate for Safer Roads

In an effort to make Connecticut roads safer, groups released a “toolkit” to help towns improve their roads.


The Tri-State Transportation Campaign and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities released the "Complete Streets in a Box" toolkit which provides resources to support the adoption and implementation of complete streets policies on a local level.

Complete streets are designed to be safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel for everyone, regardless of age or ability—motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation riders alike.

 “This toolkit empowers local Connecticut governments to pursue life-saving complete streets policies, which ensure that roads are built with pedestrian, cyclist, and motorist safety in mind,” said Tri-State Transportation Campaign Executive Director Veronica Vanterpool. “With 121 pedestrians killed on Connecticut’s roads between 2008 and 2010, local complete streets policies can’t be adopted and implemented fast enough.”

A study from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign showed that .

“Many municipalities have found that complete streets can improve traffic safety, address health and wellness concerns, help the environment, and support vibrant neighborhoods,” said James J. Finley, executive director and CEO of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. “We are happy to provide this toolkit for local leaders interested in learning more about the complete streets philosophy.”

In 2009, Connecticut adopted a statewide complete streets law that is considered one of the strongest in the country. According to the law, all transportation projects that receive state funding must consider using complete streets design features. In Connecticut, it is important that local communities follow suit and consider adopting local policies that encourage a full complete streets network in our region.


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