Highest Selling Home Tops $5.8 Million

A look, in photos, of the highest selling houses in our town and neighboring ones.

These are the highest-selling houses in our town and neighboring towns, according to the most recent property transfers recorded in town clerks' offices.

Webster February 23, 2013 at 06:23 PM
Could someone please explain to me in understandable and relevant terms if possible what in God's Name does anyone in Southbury./Woodbury/Middlebury even give a rats patotee about a house that sells for $5.8 Million Dollars in Greenwich ? Is it like we here in the Tri Town region are shopping for Real Estate in one of the highest priced markets in the country ? Hey Patch folks, get a clue ! We don't care about this expensive house none of us can afford. Next time, think about what you publish and dont just publish because you have nothing of interest locally for readers. Nothing of interest locally...skip a day. It wont harm anyone and frankly, after a totally useless strory like this one, nobody will really care not seeing the Patch for a day or two.


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