'Blight is One Thing - The Enormous Litter Problem is Another'

From a rally to save two historic structures to a school evacuation and a mayor's letter asking residents to keep their properties clean, Patch account-holders tell it how they see it.


"I am tired of picking up Newport cigarette packs, Fast Food bags, Dunkin' Donuts napkins, Junk Food wrappers, Beer Cans, and Lottery Tickets from my front lawn. How does it get there? Out of Car Windows. Blight is one thing- the enormous litter problem is another." is among the asking residents and business owners to keep their properties clean and green.


"Enough, burn down these two dumps and let the fire department watch until they're two piles of ashes." That's take on the oft-debated fate of two historic structures in town, which stands in stark contrast to who says, "I would like to see it all back in working order and envision the buildings being used in a variety of ways: wedding receptions, corporate events, field trips, concerts, etc."


"...this is a perfect example of why I will ALWAYS advocate for the privilege of my child to have their phone with them at school. A mass phone call from the superintendent is helpful, but nothing, NOTHING can replace the feeling of sheer thankfulness and peace when a parent receives a text from their child during times like these saying, 'I'm ok, mom.'" , the mother of an eighth grader at Harborside Middle School, says this in response to news that


"Nice, very nice. This is a class act vehicle for current and accurate information." offers a compliment to Ron DeRosa for being one of from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists.

D.Hawkins May 26, 2012 at 10:44 AM
I travel to many areas of the country and for an educated society, we lack in basic skill; politeness, accountability, respect and many forget to teach the kids the basics; Thank you, Please, pick-up your mess and dispose of it properly. Each week I walk through my streets to pick-up garbage from passersby - some weeks I need a few bags - I live in a great neighborhood but our street is used as short cuts to other streets and towns. Perhaps there should be an ethics class in all our schools, since many kids are not taught the basics.
Ruth May 26, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Litter is one of, if not my biggest, pet peeve. As a child I was raised that you do not throw your trash, even gum, out the car window, when you are walking, etc. I was told if there was no place to dispose of it, take it back home and dispose of it there. As caretaker of my young grandson, I instructed him in the same manner. I also told him just think what it would look like if every person dropped just one piece of trash. This is not a store owner's fault/responsibility. They should not HAVE to clean up after the public. We should be caring and responsible enough to take on that responsibility ourselves. Another case where people feel entitled, lazy, and it is not their responsibility but someone else's. What has happened to us?
Hello Dolly May 26, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Maybe towns need to provide garbage cans along main and side roads. It seems there are not enough trash receptacles so people toss it wherever.
Ruth May 26, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Because there are no receptacles, does not make it okay for people to "toss it wherever". Bring it home and toss it. Think one of the key problems today is that everyone wants everything to be quick and easy, no effort, and instant. Guess it would be an inconvenience of major proportions to hold onto your trash until you can dispose of it properly, so throw it on the ground and let someone else pick it up. Don't think you'd do that in your own home or yard, or hopefully you would not.
BJ Forlenzo May 27, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Trash on my street used to get me so upset. Not anymore - doing a weekly pickup of trash along the street has just become part of my life and it makes ME feel better looking out to a clean area. And yes, Dilza, our kids need to be taught to respect themselves and others by not littering. But they learn from their parents who learned from their parents etc., etc. I was behind a car in Waterbury the other day and saw a McDonald's container with chicken nuggets fly out the back window. As I came up along side the car - I saw that the culprit was in a car seat and couldn't have been more than 4 yrs old. Children learn what they live and obviously see the adults in their lives doing the same thing. All you can do is take time to do your part (whether it's your responsibility or not) to pick up after the slobs. It is what it is!


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