Edelson Supports Chris Donovan in Fifth District

Southbury’s First Selectman shows support for congressional candidate.


I am supporting Chris Donovan to be my next US Congressman from the fifth Congressional District for three important reasons: 

·         Chris has the legislative experience that is necessary to being an effective representative in the US Congress;  you achieve being Speaker of the House based on your ability to bring people together to make progress

·         Chris has the proven track record that shows his commitment to progressive values that are critical to re-establishing the middle class and to a sustainable economic recovery; economic history shows that the two go hand and hand; and

·         Chris is supported by the people of Connecticut and not outside “anonymous” organizations.   

Chris not only understands the poisonous nature of the way we finance Federal elections, he led the successful fight for reform in Connecticut with public financing.  While in the Connecticut General Assembly he led the fight for minimum wage increases and paid sick leave for workers – both difficult fights, but ones which will lead to a more just society. He also worked to expand access to health care and education. We can trust Chris to fight for working families in Congress because he spent his career fighting for them, and never backed down.  

I urge every Democrat to vote in the primary on August 14th for a progressive Democrat who has the experience, commitment and proven record.


Ed Edelson
Southbury First Selectman


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