Jimmy Fallon, SYTYCD, Top Chef Masters

TV tips for Wednesday July 25, 2012

Jimmy Fallon’s Primetime Music Special, 10 p.m., NBC

Or, as we like to call it, “NBC has nothing to air and the Olympics don’t start till Friday.”

So You Think You Can Dance, 8 p.m., Fox

OK, it has taken me forever to grasp the concept of performance/elimination happening in the same show, but now that we have lived it once I am fully up to speed: Everyone pours their hearts and souls into their performances for 98 percent of tonight’s episode, including the group opening number. In the last 2 percent of the show, the judges take into account last week’s performances, what the choreographers say (no such thing as too much sucking up, kids!), tonight’s performances, what last week’s guest judge had to say, and what cocktail Mary had before the show. Then they decide. And four dancers have their hearts and souls cut from them by Cat’s elimination stiletto heel, and two remain standing. Whew.

Top Chef Masters, 10 p.m., Bravo

Season premiere!: “The chefs play a culinary card game for ingredients; creating a high-end buffet for the Vegas strip to feed performers.”


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