Letter: ‘New RTC Will Restore Voice of Southbury Republicans’

Southbury Republican Town Committee Vice-Chairman Jason Buchsbaum submits letter regarding new SRTC.


I write to encourage Southbury Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters to get involved in our local political process.  No matter your political persuasion, it is important to register with one of the major parties, attend meetings, and let your voice be heard.

I am honored to serve as Vice-Chairman of the newly elected Republican Town Committee.  The newly elected SRTC conducts all of its business in an open, honest, and representative manner.  We are a group of 20 similarly minded individuals who represent all of Southbury's Republicans.  Southbury’s Republican Party is not the party of the SRTC; it is the party of the more than 4,000 registered Republicans in town and those residents who are fiscally conservative and who believe in individual responsibility and limited government.  We need and want to hear from you.

You will notice some changes to the SRTC in the coming months as we get organized.  Work is already underway to improve our bylaws to ensure that all Republicans will have the opportunity to take part in the selection of party endorsed candidates for local office.  The primary reason to get involved in a party is to have a voice in that process, and the voice of all Republicans will be restored by the new SRTC.  We also want to emphasize that the SRTC welcomes all Southbury residents to attend and address our committee; regardless of your political background, we want to hear your thoughts about how to make our town a better place to live and work.  Lastly, the new SRTC intends to work cooperatively with the current administration for a better Southbury; we will offer constructive criticism when there are differences on policy or principle, but will not resort to personal or petty attacks.  To that end, we have extended an invitation to Ed Edelson and look forward to him visiting and addressing us at an upcoming SRTC meeting.

I encourage you to get involved and learn more about the SRTC.  Our monthly meetings are posted on the town’s website and generally occur at town hall on the last Monday of each month (our May meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29 due to the holiday).  All Southbury residents are welcome at our meetings regardless of their political background.   Like us on Facebook and e-mail us at southburyrtc@gmail.com.  We would very much like to hear from you.


Jason A. Buchsbaum


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