Letter: 'Southbury RTC Has Old Habits to Break'

Southbury DTC Chairwoman submits letter in response to current RTC letter published.


I write in response to Jason A. Buchsbaum’s, newly elected Vice Chair of the Southbury Republican Town Committee, recent letter. I applaud and echo his sentiments that urge all voters in Southbury to become active in our local political process regardless of affiliation. I encourage and extend an invitation to all residents of Southbury to attend meetings held by both the Southbury Republican Town Committee and the Southbury Democratic Town Committee. Your involvement is crucial to the success of the Town of Southbury.

In addition, Mr. Buchsbaum states that the SRTC is undergoing what seem to be refreshing changes in the upcoming months in order to ensure that the SRTC restores the voice of Southbury Republicans. I am hopeful that these changes will result in more communication and collaboration between the Democrats and Republicans in Southbury.

However, I am not without some reservations.  The new SRTC still has some old habits to break when it comes to its leadership and membership. Therefore, I ask that Southbury residents take Mr. Buchsbaum and me seriously when we ask you to get involved. It is vital that you let your voice, be it Republican or Democrat, be heard. Please email me or attend our next meeting on May 21, 2012. 


Meghan Forgione
Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman

Sharon M Lieber May 18, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Meghan, please put aside whatever reservations you may have about the new SRTC. I am not quite sure what "old habits' you are referring to but the new SRTC welcomes and encourages participation of all Southburians to continue Southbury's proud tradition of Town volunteerism. You have to remember that historically political parties in Southbury have been charged with recommending appointed board or commission candidates to the Board of Selectmen and elected nominees to a Caucus. That's it. Once a person is appointed or elected their actions should be solely in the Town's best interests, not any party. Rest assured that Southbury Republicans will soon be rightly restored their rights to the New England tradition of open caucuses.


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