Moms Talk: Back-to-School Rituals

School starts Tuesday. Tell us some of your family's rituals in advance of that day.

Some kids think days and weeks ahead time about what they will wear on the first day of school. Other families have a special breakfast foods they make to mark that occasion. Still others use it as a time to mark the end of summer with a trip to the ice cream shop the weekend before.

With classes for students set to begin Tuesday, our question this week is "What are you some of your family's rituals for that day or in preparation for the start of school?"

Adria L. Henderson August 24, 2011 at 10:22 PM
This is a big day for my oldest granddaughter who is starting intermediate school next week. The move from elementary school to intermediate school is a "very big deal" to 9 year-olds. I am taking my granddaughter and her mom to "Justice" at the mall - my granddaughter’s choice - to buy her clothes for the first day of school. Since my daughter-in –law’s parents live in St. Petersburg, Russia, they don’t get to share their granddaughter’s excitement for the fist day of school, Receiving photos of the two girls, Kyra, 9 and Sophia, 4, entering their schools on the first day has become a tradition for these far-away grandparents..
Lee Elkins August 25, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Photos of waiting at the bus are usually a ritual. But getting the bus at 6:20am doesn't make for smiley faces, so we take one after school for the older kids. We also like to have a family movie night or go out to dinner before the big day.


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