As a Southbury resident, it is my feeling that the Code Red alert message should have been sent out after the storm that blew through our area on Tuesday. Apparently Mr. Edelson thought not enough people were affected to make this decision so decided to put postings on the town web site and facebook. That is great for people who have/had power and who have phones where they can access this info. There are still many people who have no access except for this code red alert. It was a poor decision on his part. We had a surgery scheduled for Wednesday morning and had no clue that Peter Road was blocked by the police station. Fortunately we were able to go out the other end, Bullet Hill. On our return, there was a town policeman at the Bullet Hill end waving everyone on through, never checking to see if anyone was a resident on the road. Since this road is a major connector for many folks, car after car went past our house only to have to come back up. The ball was dropped in this disaster. I would hope that the town will learn from it and make better choices in the future.


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