Readers React to Connecticut GOP Rally

A Connecticut rally aimed at strengthening unity in the Republican Party elicited responses from various political leanings.

Republicans in Connecticut prepared for the November elections with a “Rally for Republican Unity” at a home in Monroe on Saturday. Patch account holders offered their thoughts on the rally and upcoming elections.

Connecticut Republicans Rally to Turn State Red 

“Connecticut has already crossed the threshold to nanny state. It's no longer a blue state, it's a welfare state. It will be a real challenge to turn the state around. My God, we have our tax dollars paying for diapers!” –

“The simple fact is that, for Connecticut to be "in-play" on the Presidential level, the GOP is going to have to return to being a party of fiscal prudence and leave social issues aside. I don't see that happening for a very, very long time.” –

“State democrats raised taxes on everyone and the state is still in the red.” -

“I just watched that video and it's not something I'd get excited about. Sounds like maybe 50 people with others talking in the background. Not even considerate to their own party. Stop with the fear of socialism. It's getting old.” –

“Republicans, across the board, need a review of where they are. They need democratic meetings not just pep rallies. We have to ensure the right candidates are promoted and selected for office, that means a strong state party chair and strong local committees.” -

“PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE do something to get the people in this state to wake up! Dems got us in this mess and their solution is the usual...'Tax and Spend'... yet, the people don't get it!” -


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