'School is for Learning, Not Socializing'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“Enough is enough! Students are children and want to act like adults, yet they defend their actions and place blame elsewhere. School is for learning, not socializing and my tax dollars go to providing an education, not providing an environment where drugs are taken. We ADULT taxpayers should demand that the school administration and police take this seriously and not sweep this under the rug.” An at school and commenters like demand action. 


“I am so grateful that we have people like this in our city to make it what it is. These men and the association as a whole are doing so amazing things and played a huge role in my decision to move to Milford.”  worked with local government to building dune crossings and improve access in the area. gives credit where it’s due.


“I think the new Town Hall for South Stratford should be built there. It's time the South End broke free from North Stratford. What do we gain by remaining part of Stratford?” An empty building in town has the potential to be prime real estate. While some people want new businesses, wants secession.


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