'The Capitalist Tooth Fairy is Not the Solution'

A look at some of the comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Milford Billboard Calling Obama an 'Entry Drug to Socialism' Creates Friction

“Sure, let it stay up. But just think about the poor dude who has to work next to it.” -

“That billboard is a sign of ignorance. There's a lot of that these days.”

“Hold on a second...I understand people may disagree with this, but it is within his legal right to post it. The double standard and myopic tendencies exhibited by some Americans when it comes to Democrats and our President is laughable.” -

“The use of 'socialism' here is so ignorant that it may drive folks to find out what it really means. Many of our well-accepted institutions -- education, fire, police, free public libraries, etc. -- provide services to all on a 'socialist' basis and side by side with capitalist versions. On the other hand, those who study 'socialism' under Rush Limbaugh will never get to find out why the capitalist tooth fairy is not the solution to all problems.” –

Man Tries to Fool DMV, Tax Office With Fake Rubber Stamp

“…and we thought everyone at the DMV were just overpaid robots...” -

New Canaan Youth Issued Infraction for Alcohol Possession

“A good of example of [the New Canaan Police Department’s] new policy of building trust with the NC youth.” -

Lawyer Forks Over $4,750 For Clients' Speed Sign Theft

“I don't like this solution where someone can allegedly steal a sign and then simply pay for it when the pressure mounts. I think anyone committing a crime should be punished for the crime. Not given a free pass if money is handed over.” -

Newtown Students Earn High Scores On CT Mastery Tests

“Congrats students! Job well done teachers, you deserve a raise!” –

A Woodchuck Gets Drunk, a Skunk Gets its Head Stuck in a Cup

“I think the woodchuck needs the rehab more than the bird.” –

Ellen O'Shea September 10, 2012 at 11:02 AM
Re: MIlford billboard calling Obama "Entry Drug to Socialism". I was a die hard Democrat for 42 years. Little by little they turned to Socialism. They are now the Socialist Democratic Party. So the sign is not wrong. Don't be fooled.
dfasdfasdf September 10, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Demonizing the word socialism is nothing more than politics as usual. Without socialism our communities would have none of the "social" services / resources we depend on (police, fire, interstate road system, etc). This sign is nonsensical.
Ellen O'Shea September 11, 2012 at 04:52 PM
There's a big difference between the original social services, where people just naturally helped on another. It was in their blood. Then you have today's "Social Services" where a central government takes away from the people who earn a living and gives it away like it's their own personal money stash, in order to garner votes. Socialism punishes innovation, hard work and success, and rewards mediocrity and laziness.


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