'They Have This in North Korea'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

School Uniforms Coming to Lordship, Chapel

“Yea, they have this in North Korea. Maybe we can get the students some long streamers or even a big red ball that they can exercise with while listening to morning announcements from some dictatorial ruler next” – 

“What if we need a second bin? 2 kids, 4 cats and a dog lead to a lot of garbage.” –

My Healthcare—and Yours—Hangs in the Balance

“Give women the right to vote and this is the madness you get.” –

Alcohol Possibly Involved in 11-Person Car Crash

“Ahhh, remember the good 'ol days when the Darien kids would just spray-paint our athletic fields. Apparently now they're running a drunk shuttle but didn't get the memo that someone sober is supposed to drive. This could have been a serious tragedy.” -

What Has Danbury Done About the Homeless?

“No one can end homelessness - this seems to be the sticking point most people don't understand. You can provide all the shelters/assistance in the world, but the people have a choice to use them or not.” -

Newtown Budget Fails Again by 19 Votes

“Even my kids get it on the fourth NO - No means no - 0 increase! Did you hear us this time?” -

Fairfield Superintendent Gets 2% Raise, Bonus

"If the students lose a single program after the BOE does this the residents should start a petition to have the ENTIRE Board of Education removed from office. (I would also be in favor of a good old fashioned New England tar & feather party!!)" -


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