Breakdown: Dig Into Southbury's 2014-15 Budget Before the Vote

Get a copy of the budget proposal and analyze it department-by-department using our database.

Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson released the following note along with the Board of Finance (BOF) proposal for the 2014-15 budget.

Download a full version of the budget above and use the database for a visual breakdown by department.

The proposed budget represents a 1.1 percent increase in spending. When combined with the Region 15 education budget (which has an increase in spending of 4.77 percent), property taxes would increase by approximately 5.8 percent year-over-year, if approved.

First Selectman Edelson's Letter

The Board of Finance approved a municipal operating budget for the Town of Southbury at their meeting on Wednesday, April 9. The final figure of $19,547,277 will be voted upon by the taxpayers on Tuesday, May 7 at the Central Fire House at 461 Main Street South. The Municipal budget represents an increase of 1.1 percent or about $212,397.

In its final deliberations the Board of Finance used a multi-year analysis prepared by the Fiscal Office of past budget surpluses for every budget line to reduce the budget proposed by the Board of Selectmen by $97,249. The Board of Finance then added back to the Board of Selectman’s budget an additional $114,982 for a net increase of about 0.1 percent.

Some of the final changes included:

  • Given the current high level of treated salt in inventory, new salt purchases were reduced by $40,000
  • A new part-time position as a Human Resources manager was added pending review and approval of a job description by the Board of Selectmen
  • Additional improvements of $16,500 for the Southbury Dog Pound, including creating a separate access to the pound that avoids going through the Public Works garage area and creating an outside fenced dog run
  • Restoring full financing of the Town’s 20 year road maintenance program
  • Fully financing the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition’s request
  • Preparing an infrastructure needs study to enable better long range planning and budgeting
  • An additional $75,198 in revenues from the State of Connecticut for various programs

Copies of the approved proposed municipal budget, including the expected revenues, will be available at the Town Clerk’s office and the First Selectman’s office on April 14. It will also be available on the town website at that time.

I want to thank all the members of the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen for their hard work in reviewing, analyzing and adopting this budget for the coming fiscal year. I encourage everyone to remember to vote on May 7.

Thank you,
Ed Edelson
Thad Burr April 21, 2014 at 01:07 PM
I have no problem with the Municipal portion of the proposed budget; I do have a huge problem with the doubling of the cost per student in Region 15 since 2000, and the refusal of the Board of Education to look at a fair and balanced approach to funding, as opposed to their current "rubber stamp" methodology.
Claudia Chapman April 21, 2014 at 02:08 PM
I believe education and development are two different subjects. My concern is the archaic way in which we fund education. I understand that providing a basic education for our children is a responsibility which should be shared by all citizens. But a localized property tax on our homes and vehicles is an inherently unfair and deeply flawed means by which to achieve this goal. Instead of funding schools with local property taxes, perhaps we should consider funding education on a state rather than a local level. A more equitable way of doing this would be to levy a flat tax on income, not on the valuation of our homes. Funding education through a property tax has become a form of indentured servitude which disproportionately hits the people of middle-class towns such as Southbury. We are taxed, regardless of our income or ability to pay and the penalty on unpaid property taxes is exorbitant.
Claudia Chapman April 21, 2014 at 02:18 PM
Or if we do continue to fund education through property taxes perhaps the mil rate should be set at one rate, by the state. If this was the case the owner of a car in Southbury would pay the same amount as the owner of the same make and model of car does in Greenwich. As the law stands now, the Southbury car owner pays twice as much as his counterpart in Greenwich or nearby Roxbury.


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