Campaign Notebook: Older Voters Key to Senate Race

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


The latest issue being batted between the Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy campaigns involve Connecticut’s most reliable voters: seniors.

The Associated Press looks at claims for Murphy’s campaign that McMahon wants to end Social Security (the McMahon campaign denies this).

Among the state’s 2 million voters, 32.1 percent are 60 years old or older, reports the AP. Voter turnout in the 2008 election for people older than 50 was 71 percent.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty (D) released her first television ad for the general election. Titled “Protect,” the ad makes a play for seniors by saying Esty will support entitlement programs. In ominous sepia tones, the ad states Andrew Roraback will do the opposite.

Andrew Roraback (R) has cried foul about an ad funded by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Roraback calls the ad false, and the editorial staff of the Register Citizen agrees. An editorial in the newspaper calls the ads misleading.


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