Edelson Releases Proposed Town Budget

Impact on Southbury taxpayers less than last year, net result is 1 percent decrease in revenues requested from property owners.

Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson has submitted his proposed operating budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year of 19,147,201.

“The Town of Southbury staff has worked diligently to develop a budget realistic, fiscally conservative, and continues to build a solid foundation for the future in areas of emergency management, information technology and infrastructure,” said Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson.

The proposed overall town budget for operating expenses per accounting principles is the same as last year. The impact on the taxpayer however is less, as there are revenue offsets that were not part of last year’s budget. The net result is a 1 percent decrease in the revenues requested from the property owners, according to Edelson.

“Many of the departments have little or no change as their basic operation is the same and they have looked hard for savings, said Edelson. “That does not mean we are not committed to further efficiency changes.”

The proposed budget has increases in pension contributions and medical insurance, decreases in non-medical insurance and capital projects and no change in the road program budget.

To view the full budget proposal click on the photo box above.

Kevin February 25, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Thank you Mr. Edelson for looking out for the taxpayers. Concern for our tax burden is almost unheard of. Kevin O'Neill Southbury resident
Gary Diamond February 25, 2013 at 04:38 PM
If the town of Southbury is looking to save money, put the lights on Main Street with auto turn on sensors, and the same with the football field, at the high school, it's lighted up all night, even if there is no one there. 24/7 It's a total waste of money, does anyone know what the towns electric bill is? For a small cost of adding lighting controls tons of money would be saved, better yet put a windmill on top of the high school roof, I have worked on that roof many times, even on the calmest day there's always free wind power up there. Enough to feed back into the electric grid, to have free power for all the schools. There are horizontal mills now, that don't even look like wind mills. At least look into it, it seems such a waste of money to have all the lights on for security, when they can be turned on with electronic sensors for safety, and security, and still have a low if not totally free power bill. The winds on top of the high school roof are so powerful, I almost blew off, and the winds on the ground were only about 3 miles an hour. I installed the large satellite dish that was up there, and maintained it for 10 years, at my cost since, since I felt I owed it to the school, for my son's education.


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