Complete Election Results: Edelson, Democrats Roll

Democrat Ed Edelson will be Southbury’s next first selectman.

Democratic challenger Ed Edelson beat out incumbent Republican Bill Davis in the race for Southbury First Selectman.

The results were announced just moments ago at Southbury Town Hall. Edelson won by a vote of 2,996 to 2,016.

Complete Election Day results are below.

Note: *** Denotes wining candidate.

First Selectman
(D) Ed Edelson - 2,996 ***
(R) Bill Davis - 2,016

Board of Selectmen

(D) Ronald Pugliese - 2,143 ***
(D) Edward Gittines - 2,240 ***
(D) Donna Pereira - 2,263 ***
(R) Marcia Gore - 2,126 ***
(R) John Bucciarelli - 2,089
(R) Chad Landmon - 2,284 ***
(I) Jon Norris - 563

Region 15 Board of Education
(D) Jennifer Connelly - 2,697 ***
(D) Sharon Guck - 2,691 ***
(D) Steven Suriani - 2,344 ***
(R) John Monteleone - 2,280
(R) Jason Buchsbaum - 2,135

The following candidates were running unopposed and were all elected:

Board of Finance

(D) Justin Bette
(D) Douglas Ziemke
(R) John Michaels

Board of Finance Alternates
(R) Brian Emerick

Board of Assessment Appeals

(R) Dennis Dwyer

Planning Commission
(R) Edward Gore
(R) Richard Teardo
(R) Edward Hatfield

Planning Commission Alternates

(D) Bob Tendler
(R) Chris Radlicz

Zoning Commission
(D) Beth Barrett
(R) Todd White

Zoning Commission Alternates
(D) William Navas

Zoning Board of Appeals
(D) Paul Sullivan
(R) Geoffrey Ice
(R) Peter Peterson

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates
(R) Alan Hull

Inland Wetlands Commission
(D) William Kimball
(R) Carl Hornbecker
(R) Jeffrey Manville

Inland Wetlands Commission Alternates
(D) Karen Huber
(R) Camille Bertrand

bumblin bill November 15, 2011 at 10:35 PM
Town hall is governed by Federal Law, State Statute, Municipal ordinance and Charter as well as rules and regulations and policies and procedures. In the case of the town insurance, pension plan and investments they are most certainly governed by Federal Laws including ERISA, the SEC, etc... The town government certainly has a fiduciary duty with tax dollars as well as any funds accepted from private grants, federal grants and state grants and the acceptance of those funds put the town in a whole new line of laws and regulations. Ask Greenwich what the feds did to make the town open its beaches to those dirty city dwellers or look at our own senior center that can't be used by anyone under the age of 62. And finally, I am a share or stake holder anywhere that I pay my money in exchange for services. The town has services it is required by law to provide such as safe roadways, police, fire and ambulance protection, health services and the like. In exchange for a $90,000 a year salary I have no problem expecting leadership and management from a first selectman. We did not receive that in the last 3 years. This argument is bogus and unfortunately, one easily laid to rest researching the Connecticut General Statutes. Stop the Madness remember. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink and in this last election there were 2,000 people who couldn't drink.
MaryAnn Benevenuto November 16, 2011 at 08:03 PM
Bumblin Bill: Drink some water here: The discussion I responded to was referring to federal compliance laws such as Sarbane Oxley, which applies only to publicly traded companies. ERISA does not govern public pension plans. Go back to the trough before you post incorrect conclusions of law.
bumblin bill November 16, 2011 at 11:18 PM
But you just voted for Bumblin Bill. Where's the love? From the CT Office of Legislative Research: "State statute permits any municipality or political subdivision of a municipality to create by ordinance or resolution: . . . pension, retirement or other postemployment health and life benefit systems for its officers and employees and their beneficiaries, or amend any special act concerning its pension, retirement, or other postemployment health and life benefit systems, toward the maintenance in sound condition of a pension, retirement, or other postemployment health and life." benefit fund or funds, provided the rights or benefits granted to any individual under any municipal pension or retirement system shall not be diminished or eliminated (emphasis added) (CGS § 7-450). Statute also requires that an actuarial evaluation of the pension or other postemployment benefit system be performed at least once every five years by a actuary enrolled by the joint board formed under ERISA, the federal law that regulates private pensions (CGS § 7-450a). Sorry, but most municipal plans use ERISA guidelines because unlike Southbury, they don't want to try to reinvent the wheel. I'm only in office for 10 more business days, stop in and see the show!
MaryAnn Benevenuto November 17, 2011 at 12:36 AM
Bumblin Bill: No where in the statute that you cite does it say that ERISA applies to municipal pension plans. You have rambled on without regard to accuracy and without distinguishing law from guidelines. And that my friend is the point - credibility. You can ramble on about Bill Davis all you want but you have absolutely no credibility. The laws that you cite- insurance, etc. are in fact exceptions to ERISA pre-emption. As you say, you can bring the horse to water....take a civics class or just google ERISA
bumblin bill November 17, 2011 at 12:57 AM
Yep MaryAnn, you gots me! And I repeat, most municipal pension plans mirror ERISA guidelines and most municipal collective bargaining agreement induced plans require it. So with no oversight of pension, medical insurance and a lame ethics code, these corrupt bunglers can rip us off even more. Rip, rip, shred, shred... Hopefully there are still files left when Edelson takes office. You supported Davis and the rest of the RTC losers. And I have no credibility? Puuuuhhhhhhlease. I'm still not feeling the love


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