Malloy Expresses Concern About Structural Safety After Rains

Gov. Malloy visited Branford, discussing several local roof collapses and other problems the rain may bring.

Governor Dannel Malloy visited Branford town officials Monday afternoon to discuss damage from the blizzard. In addition to discussing damages in Branford, Malloy discussed the condition of the state and some concerns as well. 

One of the biggest concerns at this time, he said, was this morning's rain – especially as it freezes as it could lead to worsened driving conditions and structural damage to buildings. (See video for Malloy's comments)

"As of this morning, we’ve had about five or six collapses, two barns, a building, a greenhouse, an empty commercial complex, but we went through this two years ago with these massive amounts of snow accumulating and we’re going to pound away at superintendents to make sure their maintenance people are up on those school roofs, clearing the drains and watching the structure itself," he said.

Malloy also warned drivers to be careful on all roadways.

"I’ve been all over the state for the last few days. I’m worried about the rain because a lot of the drains on local roads, as well as the highways, are covered up so that’s going to be an issue," he said. "Of course, when we get another freeze, and we’re warning people, the stuff on the side of the road is going to be the equivalent of a jersey barrier so on our highway system, people just need to slow down because if you hit one of those, you’re going to spin and do a lot of damage and potentially close the highway. We’ve had the happen a couple times yesterday with jackknifed trucks."


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