Poll Shows Murphy Leading McMahon

Compared to the recently released Quinnipiac Poll, the poll by Public Policy Polling has some good news for Democrats.

A new poll has Chris Murphy ahead of Linda McMahon by 48-44 percent in the race for U.S. Senate. Eight percent of the 881 voters polled remain undecided.

The results are almost the opposite of a released on Tuesday, which showed McMahon with a 49-46 margin with 1,472 voters interviewed.

Compared to McMahon, U.S. Rep. Murphy remains a relative unknown. The poll found that 39 percent view him favorably and 20 percent are not sure. For McMahon, 45 percent view her favorably and 8 percent are not sure.

The PPP poll showed President Barack Obama with a commanding 12-point lead against Mitt Romney, compared to an 7-point lead in the latest Quinnipiac poll.

With the results of the poll released, the Murphy campaign issued a statement with familiar attacks on McMahon. 

“Linda McMahon has spent her entire career peddling sex, violence, and drug abuse at the expense of her own employees and at the expense of Connecticut jobs,” said Murphy spokesperson Taylor Lavender. Now she’s funneled over $65 million into a marketing campaign to try to fool voters into thinking she’s something she’s not.”

Kenny September 02, 2012 at 01:02 PM
As a faithful follower of Nancy Pelosi, Murphy supported cap and trade (i.e. tax), cash for clunkers, the $800 billion wasted "stimulus," Obamacare, card check, and dozens of other wasteful big government programs. He is one of the reasons why our national debt reached $16 trillion. He would be a a disaster in the U.S. Senate. Linda McMahon has a detailed program to get the economy moving again, curtail regulatory excess, and restore American jobs. After four years of wasteful spending by Obama and Murphy, we need to begin addressing entitlements and out-of-control spending that will leave our children and grandchildren with a debt they will be unable to pay off. The CBO has already projected a middle class tax rate of 66% (up from the current 25%) by 2080 unless we address these structural deficits. Don't expect Obama and Murphy to address them. They are too busy kicking the can down the road to benefit their crony capitalist friends and public sector union buddies. Time to elect adults.
Yoda Morganstern September 02, 2012 at 01:47 PM
The stimulus helped the economy, it just didnt go far enough. Obamacare (Romneycare) has reduced health care costs and insured millions of additional people. Why would a woman vote for a party that is anti science, believes in "legitimate rape," and would deny a womans right to make a medical decision with her doctor even if she is raped." McMahon may not support that, but its a plank in the republican party platform. The republican congress have introduced no meaningful jobs legislation and have fought Obama's efforts to get the economy going, and are pushing an austere slash and burn economics that would take peoples medicare and social security. Our national debt is the result of Bush's war in Iraq, tax cuts for the wealthy, Republican policies of Wall St deregulation, and a refusal to even consider dense spending cuts. Why should we vote for the party that got us into this mess?
Ken September 02, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Shame on CT! You elect a liar last cycle (Blumenthal who openly pretended to be a Vietnam vet .) Now you want to elect Chris Murphy who didn't show up to committee sessions because there was no camera and spin... Just work for the people. Wake up CT.


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