Southbury Assistant Animal Control Officer Demands Reimbursement For Training

At stake is $595.

In a town budget $595 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but for Assistant Animal Control Officer Martha Stephens it’s a very important issue, the Waterbury Republican-American reports. 

Stephens underwent training for her job costing $595 but the town leaders have denied reimbursing her claiming she didn’t get the request approved by a department head and the first selectman’s office, reports Chris Gardner, of the Republican-American. 

The town had been in a budget crunch because of excessive snow removal costs and training had been postponed, the paper reports. 

Stephens tells the Republican-American she will continue to fight for her reimbursement. 

Read the Waterbury Republican-American’s full story here. 

Claudia Chapman June 29, 2014 at 12:57 PM
Some questions arise. (These questions suggest that the town needs a trained Human Resources Officer, both to to oversee hiring personnel and write the job descriptions.) Is the assistant animal control officer required to be fully certified? Is it necessary to have this certification prior to being hired? Is the assistant officer required to have full certification or simply to have completed Level 1 of the NACA training? This last question is significant because the NACA site tells us that in order to be certified as an Animal Control Officer you must complete both Level 1 and Level 2. However the town website lists Level 1 "certification" as a requirement but distinctly does not list Level 2. Since Ms. Stephens is an assistant to the head animal control officer does her job description require certification as an Animal Control Officer or merely completion of the Level 1 training? It appears that she has completed Level 1 and was reimbursed for that training. There does seem to be an inconsistancy between the job requirements as posted by the town on their web site and the requirements for certification as posted by the NACA. The NACA site states: To be NACA certified as an Animal Control Officer, you must attend our Level 1 AND Level 2 training academy. Academy Information: The National Animal Care & Control Association Training Academy was designed to be delivered in two levels. Upon successful completion of Level I and Level II, the National Animal Care & Control Association shall certify each participant and issue the appropriate documentation and certification pin.
Claudia Chapman June 29, 2014 at 12:57 PM
The Level I curriculum will include the following: Animal Diseases/Zoonosis/Basic Cleaning Animal Identification Animal Injury Identification and First Aid Basic Investigations Basic Law Overview (Constitutional Law/Civil Liability) Capture Techniques Case Report/Evidence Collection/Citation Preparation Crises Intervention/Officer Safety Companion Animal Behavior Courtroom Presentation and Testimony Ethics and Professionalism Euthanasia Overview Rabies/Quarantine Issues Shelter Operations Tuition for Level I will be $525.00 per participant. Level II curriculum will include the following: Animal Cruelty Investigations (Companion/Exotic/Agriculture) Blood Sports (Dog and Cock Fighting) Crime Scene Photography Handling of Exotic, Wildlife and Agricultural Animals Media Relations Methamphetamine Identification and Animal Decontamination Officer Safety/Defensive Tactics (Classroom and Practical) Public Speaking Search and Seizure Stress Management/Compassion Fatigue Tuition for Level II will be $525.00 per participant.
Webster June 29, 2014 at 07:03 PM
$11 an hour ??? That's nearly minimum wage ! Ridiculous. How about the Town of Southbury paying a livable wage ! Take it out of that incompetent, arrogant idiot Tom Crowe's salary. As far as the town having an HR Officer, that's an excellent idea. Had the town had an HR officer, its likely that Edelson wouldn't have gotten his rear end in to an potentially litigious position by being the ignorant bully that he was and is and the town could have saved the $20,000 Edelson used to pay lawyers fees to deal with the bullying of the Assistant Animal Control Officer.
Claudia Chapman June 29, 2014 at 10:56 PM
The position of part time librarian, which requires a master's degree, pays $16.50 an hour to start. No benefits. Many people don't realize how very little many of the white-collar town employees actually earn.
Webster June 30, 2014 at 08:42 AM
Equally ridiculous. But then again, everyone has their own responsibility to be aware of just what their college degree (or Masters Degree in this case) will pay when successfully completed v. the cost of getting that degree. As far as Ms. Stephens, the Town of Southbury (Edelson) should stop jerking her around and reimburse her what she is owed. If Edelson can't treat (all) employees fairly and continues to cost the town huge legal fees because of his rotten, misogynistic attitude, he should submit his resignation. Oh and just so you don't view my opinion as politically motivated, I am a lifelong Democrat.


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