Southbury Holiday Cinemas Hearing Postponed Again

Incoming winter storm prompted another delay.

Photo Credit: PunkJr via Flickr
Photo Credit: PunkJr via Flickr
The Zoning Commission public hearing for a proposed movie theater in Southbury has now been postponed once more, again due to inclement weather.

The hearing, set for Wednesday night, has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Pomperaug High School auditorium.

The hearing was originally set for Jan. 8, however so many residents attended to speak that the meeting was postponed to Jan. 15 at the high school in order to accommodate everyone.

The Jan. 15 date had to be rescheduled to Jan. 22 due to snow, but then had to be postponed again after a malfunctioning transformer caused a roof fire at Pomperaug.

With the National Weather Service (NWS) forecasting another significant snowfall for Wednesday, the town was prompted to move the hearing ahead another week.

Residents have already been weighing in on the proposal on Patch — with the owners even responding to a number of questions.

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Gary Bertz February 05, 2014 at 07:48 AM
I would think there is a real need for a traffic light at the Pomperaug school crossing. It has good visibility for both pedestrian and vehicle. The call buttons for pedestrian should not be the placebo type that is everywhere else in town. Protect the pedestrian ... They are a newer breed in town ! The cinema's corner of the property is directly diagonal to Pomperaug Elementary driveway. People are constantly driving main st south like it's the "Holiday ". No pun intended .
Claudia Chapman February 05, 2014 at 11:43 AM
I've never run in to terrible traffic on Main Street myself, or been held up in any way. But I do think it makes sense to put in a traffic light at the entrance to the theater. That's just common sense.
John February 05, 2014 at 02:43 PM
Also a fan of a light at that location. For those of you who walk Main Street in this area the number of people speeding and in a rush is alarming. Trying to make a left across traffic in this area you take your life in your hands. I have been tailgated and beeped at when I slow down to let cars in from parking lots. Southbury drivers Chill out!!! Where are you rushing to??


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