Southbury Public Works is Looking for Potholes to Plug

Report problem areas and track repairs through the town's website.

With spring officially here and the last of the snow melted (or in a few places still melting), the town’s Public Works Department is on the hunt for potholes and beat up pavement.

Residents can help by reporting problem areas through the town’s website, where they can also track progress on repairs.

“The Department of Public Works has already begun their spring cleanup activities and welcomes input from the driving public to alert them to locations of newly-formed potholes or a local road that now is riddled with cracks or ruts,” the department said in a release through the Southbury First Selectman’s Office.

“We all have our favorite route we travel every day and most need some repairs, so please work with the Public Works Department to let them know where the most serious attention is needed,” the release said, also asking residents to “please be patient, as there are many more potholes out there than there were last spring and it will take longer than usual to fix them.”
Kevin March 31, 2014 at 09:21 AM
Come over the the bottom of Lumm Lot road. It's falling apart. There is plenty to do there. It looks like Afghanistan.


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