Southbury Refinanced Bonds Will Save Taxpayers

Town refinances several 2004 bonds used for capital projects.

Southbury has refinanced over $3 million of debt in several bonds to take advantage of lower interest rates and save taxpayer dollars.

The town refinanced three bonds originally issued in 2004 for capital projects including: construction of the new Southbury Public Library, renovating the old library to accommodate the Parks & Recreation and Senior Center, and updating the Southbury Police Department building.

The bonds were replaced with an average rate of 4.01 percent with a lower rate of 1.97 percent. The move will save taxpayers $241,585, or approximately $20,000 annually, over a 12-year period, according to First Selectman Ed Edelson.

The process of refinancing included a reassessment of the fiscal health of the town by Moody’s Investors Service, which resulted in a confirmation of Southbury’s Aa2 credit rating.

Moody’s said the town has conservative financial management practices that have resulted in a history of satisfactory reserve levels.

“The Aa2 rating reflects the town’s wealthy and sizeable tax base, a satisfactory financial position that derives flexibility from designated contingency funds and an aggressive pay-go capital program, and a debt burden that is expected to remain low in future years,” said the service.

Edelson emphasized that the town’s strong Aa2 rating is a key factor in enabling Southbury to refinance its debt thereby saving thousands of dollars in interest payments over the years.

With a previous refunding in 2010, the town has now saved a total of $605,727 in future interest expense, according to Edelson.

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