UPDATE: Romney Takes Southbury With 76 Percent of Vote

13 percent of Southbury registered Republicans cast a vote in primary.

UPDATE: Southbury voters supported Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney by and overwhelming margin Tuesday.

Romney took 442 of the 579 votes cast, or 76 percent, to run away with the Republican Presidential primary. The other three competitors on the ballot all came in under 10 percent.

Results are as follows:

Romney: 442
Gingrich: 44
Paul: 55
Santorum: 26

579 of the 4,314 registered Southbury Republicans, or 13 percent, participated in the primary. In the last Republican Presidential Primary in 2008, Southbury voter turnout was 41 percent.


UPDATE: Southbury voter turnout remains less than 5 percent and is down significantly from previous years, according to JoAnn H. Bolin, Southbury’s Republican Registrar.

In the last Republican Presidential Primary in 2008, Southbury voter turnout was 41 percent, according to Bolin.


UPDATE: Very few Southbury residents have made it out to the polls today to cast their vote in the Connecticut Republican Presidential Primary.

Of the 4,314 registered Republicans in the town of Southbury, only 198 had cast a vote as of 12:20 p.m., according to JoAnn H. Bolin, Southbury’s Republican Registrar.

“The numbers are very low,” said Bolin. “I’m not 100 percent sure how it compares to the last Republican only primary, but it is not a good turnout today.”


ORIGINAL STORY: With wins in several key GOP stronghold states and Rick Santorum dropping out of the race, Mitt Romney may have the Republican Party's nomination all but locked down, but that doesn't mean Connecticut Republicans shouldn't get out today to register their vote in the Primary.

In Southbury, 4,314 registered Republicans are eligible to vote today when polls open at 6 a.m.

JoAnn H. Bolin, Southbury’s Republican Registrar, is expecting voter turnout to be poor.

“I’m not expecting a big turnout, for a lot of reasons,” said Bolin. “The outcome has already been decided, and primary turnout is typically poor already.”

Bolin said the state is estimating around a 15 – 20 percent turnout, a figure she feels is rather optimistic.

Southbury Republican Town Committee Vice-Chairman Jason Buchsbaum says he encourages all town Republicans to hit the polls and let their voice be heard, no matter the state of the race.

“As I stated throughout the last election cycle, one of the most important reasons to register as a Republican or a Democrat is to have a voice in the selection of each party’s candidates for upcoming elections," said Buchsbaum. “Regardless of the status of the current primary, it is extremely important to exercise your right, and duty, to vote whenever possible so that your voice can be heard.”

While Santorum is out and Romney is the front-runner, Republican voters will have their choice between four candidates:

  • Mitt Romney
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Ron Paul
  • Rick Santorum

Buchsbaum said he plans to vote in the primary today for the candidate he has supported since this process started well over a year ago – Mitt Romney.

"I encourage all Southbury Republicans to exercise their right to vote Tuesday as their vote could be for the next president of the United States.  That is a responsibility that should be taken seriously,” Buchsbaum said. “As Republicans, we need to continue to show up and enthusiastically vote for our nominee state by state so that he will be an even stronger candidate against President Obama in November.”

Polling Places for Southbury Voters

Registered voters may only cast a ballot at their assigned voting district station. To determine which voting district you are in, consult the PDF attached to this article.

Jack Zazzaro April 24, 2012 at 06:43 PM
voted for Ron Paul today,Hopefully his vision will influence the party platform.
Jack Zazzaro April 24, 2012 at 06:46 PM
not well publisized by the state party


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