Best of Southbury: Grocery Stores

Southbury has several options.

The selection, prices, cleanliness and layout are several of the factors customers consider when choosing a grocery store to frequent — and others prefer to shop around, going to where the best sales are on a given week.

Southbury has Shop Rite, Stop & Shop and Southbury Food Center. Which one do you go to most?

Participate in our weekly poll and see how both grocery stores stack up when the final results are revealed at noon on Friday.

MyGoodPeople February 27, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Southbury Food Center is wonderful. Walt will order a specialty item if you ask him. The staff is very friendly. The store is very clean. Fish department could use an overhaul but what they do have is very good quality. The big box stores will not/can not do this. If I do go to a big box it is because the food center is closed and my big box choice is Shop RIte.


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