Pets in Need of a Home: Animals for Life Lists Adoptable Pets

Animals in Life in Middlebury showcases cats, dogs and the occasional puppy, all in need of forever homes.


The Animals for Life website features information on the animals and upcoming events. The shelter can be reached at 203-758-2933. The following animals are the newest arrivals to the shelter.

can be reached at 203-758-2933.

Corkie, a Male American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Corkie is an adorable male Staffordshire Terrier that is approximately 4-years-old and weighs about 48 lbs. He is a well behaved boy who enjoys fetching his ball and playing with his toys.

He is obedient and will sit nicely and shake on command. Typical of the breed, he aims to please. Staff believe he is housebroken.

"He is a very gentle and patient soul, having sat very calmly while over 60 ticks were removed from all over his body," staff said on the Animals for Life website. "Most likely this little guy was out roaming for a while. That hasn’t damped his spirits as he wags his body with delight when you meet him."

Jasper, a Male Domestic Medium Hair Car

Jasper is a great kitty for a multi-pet home. This boy is about one and a half years old and he gets along perfectly with cats, dogs and even birds.

He's solid black and is pretty reserved until he's comfortable. Then watch out — he loves attention! He's very vocal and he enjoys playing with his kitty toys.

Jasper would most likely be a good fit for a home with owners that have cat experience and will allow him time to adjust. A household that is not super busy and loud would be ideal for this non-domineering fellow.

Leah, a Female Poodle

Leah's owners left her at a stranger's house with all her belongings. She has advanced cataracts and cannot see — AFL staff said she was scared. The person who found her on the doorstep gave her a bath, fed her and brought her to AFL the next day.

Even though Leah cannot see, she can navigate her way around fine, the vet said.

Brother and Sister Cat Duo Lucas and Lola

Lucas and Lola are a brother and sister duo from the same litter. They are 10 years old and have been together all their lives. Both are indoor cats who are in good health. The pair is hoping to find a new home where they can remain together. Their current family structure is changing soon so Animals for Life is trying to help them get placed.

Lucas is the more outgoing of the two. He is a friendly cat and loves to meow at people like he is talking. He sometimes has dog-like behaviors and actually listens when you call his name.

Lucas loves when company comes over and wants to be part of the crowed. This boy's only request is that he have a home filled with love and a clean litter-box. Lucas is the kitty with the half-mustache in the photos.

Lola is happiest when the home is quiet. She is loving, but definitely more shy than her brother.

Squeakers, a Female Tabby Cat

Squeakers got his name because he doesn't meow, but rather squeaks. He was living on the street until someone took him in but alas, they were not allowed to have pets. Squeakers had to stay in the basement and did not have a window to look out of.

He is now in a foster home that has a cat and a dog. AFL staff said he gets along fine with the cat and dog because they give each other desired space. Squeakers is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. He is on medication for febart but will be done with the dosage soon.

Squeakers would prefer a home without small children but will be fine in a home with older children who understand cat personalities.

Stewie, a Male Lhasa Apso

Stewie is a small dog who loves cats. He tries to make friends with every cat he encounters. He is good with other dogs, although bigger dogs tend to scare him a little. He loves to be in the car and be held by people.

Thumbelina, a Female Tiger Cat

Thumbelina is a 6 month old female kitty with a beautiful gray and tan tiger pattern. One quick look at her and you may think she's a mini bobcat. She has extra 'thumbs.'

A local family found Thumbelina and called Animals For Life after she had been hanging around their home. She was great with their kids, is super playful and curious, and loves attention. This well-adjusted girl would most likely thrive in almost any setting. But a more active household that is looking for a playful cat would be best for her. Thumbelina is adorable, purrs a lot, and prefers to be with her people rather than be left alone for long days.

Zipper, a Male Chihuahua

Zipper got his name because he 'zips' here and there and is a quick little guy. He is full of energy and likes to be busy. This great boy is playful, curious and gets along great with other dogs. Zipper loves his treats, but he gets so excited that he tries to swipe them out of the hand that feeds him. He'll need practice with this but it's nothing that a little training can't fix.

KerriAnn Hofer May 08, 2012 at 12:15 PM
thanks for posting! they're adorable -- hope they find loving homes soon :)


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